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New direct train from Sarajevo to Belgrade

12 December 2009

Starting tomorrow (December 13, 2009), Sarajevo and Belgrade will be connected by a direct train service for the first time in almost two decades. The new service will run every day all year round, leaving Sarejevo at 11:35 and arriving at 20:18. In the reverse direction departure from Belgrade is at 17:35, arriving in Sarajevo at 20:18.

Until now travel by rail between these two cities has required an awkward change of trains in Croatia or northern Bosnia, so this development makes train travel a more appealing option. The trains still have to follow a rather indirect route through Croatia, and with a scheduled journey time of about 9 hours they will take longer than most buses, which typically take around 8 hours. However there is still only one bus (operated by Lasta) from Sarajevo’s central bus station, so some travellers may find the train a more attractive option than a bus from the out-of-town Lukavica bus station.

The train fare (in either direction) is reportedly about 17 euro one way, 31 euro return.