This website is an archive from 2016

This site was actively maintained from 2006 to 2016. Since then I have kept it online for historical interest, but have made no further updates. Much of the information in these pages is now incorrect or obsolete.

Michael Palin follows in my footsteps

28 October 2006

A fellow blogger has alerted me to the fact that TV traveller Michael Palin is currently working on a series about the “New Europe”. Palin and his camera crew have been spotted in various locations in the Balkans and Eastern Europe over the last few months. Most of his previous series have been about places that are unfamiliar to me - I’m looking forward to see what he makes of countries that I have already visited. Hopefully his high profile will help to improve the rather low level of knowledge of many of these countries in the English-speaking world.

Find out more at the Michael Palin’s New Europe Unofficial Fan Center.