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Last train from Italy to Slovenia

18 November 2011

Rail connections between Italy and neighbouring Slovenia have been progressively reduced over the last few years. The only remaining direct link is the EN440/441 overnight train on the Venice-Ljubljana-Zagreb-Budapest route, which is inconveniently timed for anyone wanting to do the short hop between Venice and Ljubljana.

Now The Main in Seat 61 reports that even this imperfect connection is to disappear. The last Venice-Budapest night train will apparently run on December 10, 2011.

Many travellers are likely to give up on rail transport completely as a means of transport between Italy and Slovenia and take a direct bus instead. For those who would still like to do part of the trip by train, the Italy page on the Slovenian Railways lists some of the options (by bus from Trieste to Se┼żana; on foot or by taxi from Gorizia to Nova Gorica; and by bus from Triest to Koper).