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Ivan Mestrovic and the 15 euro coin

13 February 2007

Anyone who has travelled in the western Balkans is likely to have seen many sculptures by Ivan Meštrović. As well as showpieces like the Victor in Belgrade and Gregory of Nin in Split, smaller works are scattered throughout Croatia and the other former Yugoslav republics.

Since 1965 a design by Meštrović has been used by the Central Bank of Ireland as its official seal. But the design was not intended for this purpose. When the Irish Free State issued its first coinage in 1927, Meštrović submitted a design featuring a woman with a harp. It seems that it arrived too late to be considered.

This week, 80 years on, the Central Bank of Ireland has issued a commemorative 15 euro coin featuring the original design. At the same time the Croatian Central Bank is issuing a 150 kuna coin with a similar design.

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