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This site was actively maintained from 2006 to 2016. Since then I have kept it online for historical interest, but have made no further updates. Much of the information in these pages is now incorrect or obsolete.

Guidebook updates 2010

25 July 2010

It’s time for one of my regular roundups of new and updated guidebooks to the Balkan region. There haven’t been as many completely new guidebooks this year as in 2009, but several publishers have been active in producing updated versions of their existing books.

I’ve already mentioned Cicerone’s new guide to walking in the Bulgarian mountains in a previous post. Cicerone have also issued a new edition of Rudolf Abraham’s Guide to Walking in Croatia. As well as describing treks in the mountains of mainland Croatia, the new version promises additional coverage of walks on the Adriatic islands.

Bradt Guides continue to outdo other publishers with their extensive range of guides to individual Balkan countries, with their Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia reaching their third, fourth, and third editions respectively. Bradt have also published a new guide to the Peloponnese region of Greece.

I mentioned Lonely Planet’s updated guide to Romania in an earlier post. Their guides to Slovenia and Greece have also been updated in 2010.

Rough Guides have similarly been busy updating their range. Their mammoth guide to Turkey has reached its seventh edition, while Slovenia and Croatia have also been updated.

Finally, In Your Pocket continue to provide unrivalled coverage of the main cities of the region in the form of free downloadable guides. This year has seen the addition of Podgorica to the IYP range, while Tirana and Pristina are among those cities with updated IYP issues.