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Greece restores (some) international trains

04 May 2014

In February 2011 all international rail services to and from Greece were suspended. From 10 May 2014 two international trains will return to the timetables, linking Thessaloniki to three capital cities - Sofia, Skopje, and Belgrade.

The overnight “Hellas” train on the Thessaloniki-Skopje-Belgrade route will offer couchettes as well as seats, and will also transport cars in summer. It will leave Thessaloniki every day at 15:52, call at Skopje in the evening, and arrive at Belgrade early the next morning at 05:33. In the opposite direction the train departs from Belgrade at 18:45, calls at Skopje in the early morning, and arrives in Thessaloniki at 11:10.

Serbian Railways has announced promotional fares of 33.80 euro single, 47.60 euro return for tickets bought in Serbia in the first month of operation of the new routes. The couchette supplement is 8 euro one way.

The service to Sofia will be a daytime train, leaving Thessaloniki at 06:55 and arriving at 14:00. The return trip will leave Sofia at 15:20 and and arrive at 22:20, allowing passengers to continue on the overnight service to Athens which leaves at 23:00. Tickets bought in Greece will are reported to cost 17.80 euro single and 34.60 euro return, with a special offer of 25 euro return available for purchases at least 15 days in advance.

There is no news of any resumption of services to Istanbul.