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Escape from British tourists in the Balkans

03 August 2009

The Independent recently published a list of the “Ten best destinations to escape the British crowds this summer”. Not necessarily free of tourist crowds in general, it seems - just British crowds. Destinations in Southeast Europe make up half the list: Sarajevo, Montenegro, Slovenia, the Romanian Black Sea coast, and (rather surprisingly) Croatia. Nice to see getting a mention on the Sarajevo page, even if they didn’t quite get the spelling right.

Balkan destinations have also popped up in several of the Independent’s other “Ten best” features. Dubrovnik gets a mention as one of the “Ten best city beach breaks”. Croatian’s Motovun Film Festival features as one of the “Best alternative festivals” (Motovun is in Istria, not Central Croatia as stated in the article). And Romania is one of the “Best Harry Potter landmarks”. Something to do with dragons, apparently.