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Easyjet brings Croatia closer to the West Country

27 April 2008

Yesterday was the first day of operation for Easyjet’s new route from Bristol to Split on the Croatian coast. There will be two flights weekly over the summer period.

Last month also saw Easyjet launch two new routes from London Gatwick to Corfu and Thessaloniki. As well as being of obvious interest to travellers visiting Greece, both towns make good starting points for further exploration of the Balkans. Corfu is just a short ferry ride from Albania’s Ionian coast, while Thessaloniki has connections to Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. In particular, given the lack of direct flights from the UK to Skopje, a flight to Thessaloniki follwed by a train trip is a plausible alternative way of getting to the Republic of Macedonia.

Airlines are good at making a fuss about new destinations but tend to be much less forthcoming about publicising abandoned routes. According to In Your Pocket, May will see the last flights on Easyjet’s London-Bucharest route. The route began less than a year ago but apparently has been dropped due to “lack of interest”. Or perhaps the inhabitants of Bucharest didn’t fancy joining the list of popular Eastern European stag party destinations?