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The Balkans in the travel press

19 August 2007

There have been quite a few articles about various parts of the Balkans in the last month or so. Croatia now gets so much press coverage that I won’t even bother to list the new articles here, but some newspapers have ventured a bit further.

The New York Times takes a look at the Montenegrin coast in an article entitled “An Adriatic Stretch is Awaiting its Riviera Moment”. I was a little surprise to read that “hotel staff members speak perfect English”, but perhaps this is explained by the list of hotels at the end of the article, most of which are in the 100 euro per night price bracket.

Even more daringly, the NYT checks out the nightlife in Bulgaria’s Studenski Grad in “Partying amid Cold War ruins”.

Both The Times and The Independent take advantage of direct British Airways flights from Gatwick to write about Sarajevo as a city break destination. Note that although the Times optimistically says that Sarajevo is a two hour flight from London, the scheduled journey time is almost three hours.

Two pieces in The Observer and The Guardian focus on walking holidays in Montenegro, and in particular in the Bjelasica Mountains around Kolašin. I remember Kolašin as a sleepy mountain town where, several years ago, I endured a fruitless search for a place to stay during a torrential rainstorm; apparently it is now an up-and-coming resort. Frustratingly, the Guardian recommends “a half-decent guidebook” for walking in the region, but gives no clues about where such a book might be found.

Finally, today’s Sunday Times heads for Romania, specifically the Danube Delta and Transylvania.

There were no articles in the English-language press about Macedonia. Again.